Steps you take to start working with brands on Instagram

There’s different ways of making money on Instagram, however, I want to work with other brands and also make money. Here’s a few steps I’ve discovered along the way.

1. Choose a theme

It’s important to know kind of attention you’re looking for. Posting images based on your lifestyle, food, travel or makeup is good because when people see it; it gives a distinct idea of what you do.

2. Post regularly

Posting Instagram pictures every two days may seem like too much; but by doing this it increases your followers and also your recognition. I sometimes don’t post everyday or ever so often but when I have good pictures I try too.

3. Using clear images

When posting it’s important to use images that are clear. When taking a selfie try using natural and taking more pictures outdoors. You can also post pictures that you’ve seen that you like.

4. Using Hashtags

May people won’t use hashtags because they think it looks stupid, but it’s the best way to draw an audience to your Instagram. It’s important to use hashtags based on what your image is about. For example if it’s travel use hashtags like #lovetotravel #travel #holiday. This draws more attention to your Instagram.

5. Collaborating

When doing this a few companies on Instagram will get in contact with you or comment on your picture asking you to collaborate with them. It is important to identify who your want to represent. Most of these brands with ask you to collaborate with them and ask you to buy their products. In the beginning I think it is a good ideas to do this because it lets other people know you’re willing to collaborate.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B


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