All time favourites

A list of my favourite shows, some of these shows are old and some are new. I think out of the list at least one of the shows you should have seen before.

1. Game of Thrones

This show is my absolute favourite. Honestly the story line is very good; I enjoy it because unlike most shows, games of thrones gives an unexpected ending/plot twist to the story. Considering the fact that the protagonist in most shows live long purely because they’re the protagonist; game of thrones can kills of characters that you would not expected. If you have seen in and you’re interested in shows with action I definitely recommend it.

2. Desperate Housewives

This show is about four women living in the suburbs and what goes on behind closed doors. This shows allows you to envision the lengths people will go to in order to save themselves whilst depicting what people are going through behind closed dooors.

3. Topboy

This show is about young people living in London, selling drugs to get by. This show is an eye opener; allowing you to see what certain individuals would do to make money. This show is not based on a true story, however; it takes a look at the life of a drug dealer. Each episode is intense and filled with different types of dilemmas. My only issue with this show is that there are two seasons and each season only has four episodes; other than that, I definitely recommend it.

4. American Horror Story

I just started this shows and I honestly love it. I’m currently on season two which is called asylum. I enjoy watching the show because it’s honestly so messed up that it’s interesting. Each season is not the same, they use the same actors and give them different characters. If you are into thriller I would recommend this. I’ve taken a break from watching it because I think it’s so stranger but it’s quite good.

Give these shows a watch and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to like and comment.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B


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