How to improve time management and productivity

As a student it is soo important to know how to manage you time. By managing your time effectively not only will you become more productive; you will live a life that is fulfilling.

It goes without saying, but procrastination is one of the main reason people aren’t as productive as they should be. Although it is hard you must try to get things done on time.

One thing that really helps me is planning my day and including compulsory tasks such as work, lecturers and seminars. Writing or setting simple tasks for different times of the day honestly helps with productivity. When doing this it is important to be realistic and train yourself out of procrastination. It’s easy to read this and be inspired to be productive; however, it is important to set your schedule according to your behaviour. For example if you know you will procrastinate, set yourself a target to study for 1 hour and give yourself a 20 minute break in between. By doing this you can check your phone, get a snack or watch videos in between with deceiving yourself by setting target you know you won’t complete.

When planning your day make sure to include social activities like maybe going out, chilling on your phone, making phones, chilling with friends and etc. This way you will be able to look back and see what you have accomplished throughout the day. Doing this may also give you time to plan for the future by looking into different areas you may want to go into and what your interests are.

It is important to tackle small tasks, like making your bed in the morning. You will eventually get used to doing this and then tackling bigger tasks will not be an issues.

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Kisses B


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