5 tips that help make PMS easier

PMS for me is soo painful; sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t do anything or go anywhere. If you have periods like mine; there’s a few things I’ve learned along the way that makes it easier.

1. Keep track of dates in your calendar

Keeping track of the days you’re going to have your period helps because your period doesn’t come unexpected. Knowing when your period is come makes it easy to plan and prepare yourself around that time. If you’re going out to events or have plans; knowing when your period is coming makes it easy for you to decide whether you want to go and also gives you the opportunity to figure out how you’re going to go about it. If your period is as bad as mine having a calendar means you can also take some sort of medication at the start of the day so the pain isn’t that bad.

2. Figure out what sort of medication works for you

For me Nurofen Plus, Panadol Period Pain and Feminax Express work best. I feel that these are the most effective and these tablets also work very fast. I recommend speaking to your doctor about what is best for you before taking these.

3. Drinking water

For some reason drinking water helps to ease the pain. I generally drink a lot of water on a daily basis so I try to stay on top of that when I’m on my period because I tend to snack a lot more. If you snack a lot it’s a good idea to maybe have water with all your meals and have a glass of water whenever you can.

4. Stay clean

It goes without saying to change pads and tampons to stay hygienic and to prevent odour. If you have a stain on your trousers or underwear; scrub it under cold water without soap and then put it in the wash to completely remove the stain. I also always make sure to have an emergency tampon/pad in all of my bags just in case you need extra or maybe a friend may need one.

5. Tips for outside

Before going out change your pad/tampon because there may not be a bathroom. It is also good to wear your pad further forward when going out or during the day and at night wear it further backwards. This is to prevent stains.

I hope this helps you guys out, have a lovely Sunday,

Kisses B


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