Knowing who your friends are

At university you will come across so many different types of people from different backgrounds. For me personally; I have a small and tight circle of friends that I could say are my true friends and everyone else are either people I know or people I’m cool with.

I’ve come to learn that not everyone has to be your best and not everyone you have to be cool with. I have two right circles of friends who I’ve introduced to each other. It is essential to keep your cool while being in university; there are people hear who enjoy instigating and playing victim. When you discover people who have find for bullshit; they have time for bullshit all the time. Fighting them is a losing battle; it’s important to:

1. Keep your close friends close – if you guys are close then it’s important to make sure you can trust them before you say anything.

2. Keep personal life private – people talk and you don’t want people to know you because of your personal business.

3. Be start about who you tell certain information – if you have a tight circle of friends and you want to tell them something, tell them the same thing a different times so they don’t talk about you. They will only discuss when you told them this information and when you will tell the next person.

4. Cut off all friends who do not care about you or drag down your energy – this is hard to do but you must guard your reputation. Friends who are embarrassing and leech off you have got to go; because your friends are a representation of who you are and if your friend behaves a certain way then others will think you do too.

The whole thing about I don’t care what people think is fine, however; if your friend is embarrassing or humiliating you; insulting you on front of certain people let them go.

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Kisses B


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