My favourite shows to binge on

There’s a few shows that I always watch and wanted to catch up on since I came back from Nigeria. Here’s the list;

1. Game of Thrones

I literally love this shows and it’s my absolute favourite. So many people told me about it but I wasn’t sure in the beginning, but after the first 3 episodes I was hooked. If you’re not into gruesome tales then this show is not for you. It’s about a fight for the throne; death and manipulation to get to the top. I honestly recommend it (not for younger viewers).

2. The Walking Dead

Honestly I love this show; it’s about a zombie apocalypse and human survival. I stopped watching this show for a while because they had a season heist and the show didn’t start up again for a long time. I would definitely say that the amount of time it took for them to produce the next episode in the season was off putting other than than I love it.

3. Love and Hip Hop

This show is my guilty pleasure. It amazes me how people could have this amount of drama in their lives. I am currently watching Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and the storyline this season is quite intense and definitely has everyone on edge.

4. Power

I start Power on Netflix around the beginning of March because it was recommended to me. It’s about drug dealers who grew up selling drugs; some try and leave the life and some want to stay in it. The major fight they have to battle is trying to not get caught seeing as they’ve killed people along the journey to the top. There’s so much drama in this show it’s quite intense.

5. Gossip Girl

I am soo late when it comes to this show; my friend recommended it to me and honestly it’s quite good. It’s about an elite group of people living in Manhattan; along with drama with both the children and the parents. To top it of an anonymous blogger is keeping track of their lives and also their secrets.

An addition show I am binging on is the Four. A show about people singing/rapping to take someone’s seat; a seat of the original four people the judges have chosen. Definitely give it a watch.

If you watch any of these shows comment below and let me know which ones are your favourites and what you think.

Kisses B


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