Bea’s Diary #29

I’m on my way to the airport now. Being in Nigeria has been a great experience. Speaking to people, seeing what real poverty and corruption is honestly opened my eyes.

It’s made me great full for the little things I have that I may take for granted such as clean clothes, shoes, electricity, running water and a roof over my head. Honestly it’s by the grace of God that my mum was able to move and create a better life for us.

The incredible people I’ve met will being here as well. I feel the need to help them in any way I can whether I send clothes, money or shoes.

It’s emotional to think about, but when I went to somewhere I didn’t like I told myself this is only a holiday; I’ll be leaving soon; but this is some people’s lives. The poverty in some places is just mind blowing, people selling food in the middle of the road to make the little money they can. I’m honestly for grateful for my life and thank God. There needs to be a change.

Kisses B


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