Bea’s Diary #20

Yesterday was really good; it was a chill day because of the rain but I had fun; dancing and having a look at the area.

Of course I had a nap (it’s becoming part of my day now). I’ve been in Nigeria 2 weeks and 3 days and I’ve just noticed how there are metal gate in front of all the windows and doors.

There’s a 12 foot wall surrounding my house and there are gates at the front. There’s one gate for people to enter and another gate for cars. These are secured with huge locks that are then secured with padlocks.

The girl next door told me this is done to protect everyone because of the amount of killings and robberies. She said that guys may come in; threaten to kill to try get money. She stated that it’s not really their fault because the government doesn’t help; so this leads to people doing the most that they can for money. She said some people are not lucky enough to have the money to build these walls and have these gates so they are most vulnerable. Although this hasn’t happened to my family; I understand that my family are doing what they can’t to protect each other.

Kisses B


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