How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Throughout my second year of university I’ve been feeling a huge amount of stress caused by coursework, finances and friendships. There was a time I felt so anxious, thinking that I would not be able to cope with the amount of work I had to do. Here are a few steps I took to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

1. Spending time with friends and family

When you’re stressed it good to feel that you are not alone. Spending time with friends takes your mind off whatever may be stressing you out. For me spending time with friends not only takes my mind off everything but helps me to realise that whatever may be stressing me out is not so much of a big deal. Spending time with friends and having a laugh will improve your mood and reduce your anxiety

2. Talk to someone about it

This can be difficult because it can be hard letting someone know your personal issues or even trusting someone to tell them; but that about it really helps. After acknowledging that you and talking about it you not only feel better; but good friends tend to help you through these situations.

3. Relax

Clearing your head and relaxing helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It is impossible to have an anxiety attack if you breath. If this means spending time to yourself, taking a break from social media or meditating do it. I don’t necessarily meditate but I love listening to music. So what I do is play some music and light a candle. I love candles because they can be soothing and I feel they really set the mood. I purchase candles with natural scents; I don’t like when the smell of a candle is over powering.

You may not have to listen to music you could watch a movie, have a bath or even do yoga. It’s completely up to you.

4. Avoid Procrastination

A lot of the stress students feel is caused by procrastination. Leaving things until the last minute can cause large amounts of unnecessary stress. Whatever tasks you have, try to complete them on time; this will give you the chance to work to the best of your ability. Some of the stress you feel may be out of your control; however, stress with your reach should be controlled. Focus your energy into your work, tasks or whatever you need to do. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have finished everything you need to do.

There is always a way to work around every situation. Your mental health and sanity is not worth losing over temporary problems. It is important to remember the problems you are having are temporary.

I hope this helps you with whatever you’re going through,

Have a lovely day,

Kisses Bea


How to be Confident

I thank God for the confidence that I have because it has helped me feel secure in who I am and has opened doors of opportunity in my life. Gaining confidence isn’t the easiest thing to achieve especially if you are an introvert and like to keep to yourself. However; I believe there are steps you can take to achieving the confidence level you want.

Start by Greeting Others First

It may sound odd but going out of your way to say hello to someone first can help increase your confidence and self-esteem. By saying hello or smiling at people first it breaks down barriers in the introduction stage. By simply saying hello, how are you and how was your day can brighten that persons day. Asking these questions can help you to develop friendships.

We live in a society where it is unorthodox for people to say hello to each other; and everyone has a resting bitch face. Personally I feel that there is nothing more unattractive than someone who looks unapproachable. It is important to remember that no matter how attractive you are, your personality can destroy your beauty. Make the first live and say hello to someone new. It may be your first day or College/University or you may be in a Club or at a Bar; it is nice to be nice.

There might be circumstances where you may not be able to say hello or make conversation but smiling also makes a difference. The more people you speak to the easier it gets.

Learn to care about your opinion more than others

The main reason why people lack confidence is because they are afraid of what of other people will think. What you need to remember is not everyone will like you, regardless of whether you have offended them or not. There are people who may not like you because you have something they want/lack. Living your life to please other people will only get you so far because there are only so many people you can satisfy. If there is something you want to do or a career you want to pursue; just know that in this life not everyone will like you and that is okay. Promote yourself until you reach your level of success.

Surround Yourself with Likeminded and Supportive People

Surrounding yourself with friends who have similar views can help increase your confidence. Likeminded friends will agree with the decisions you make and will also agree on a moral aspect. Friends can be very supportive and also encourage you to try new things. The people you surround yourself with is important because they can influence your mood, your self esteem and your behaviour.

Friends are a representation of who you are so it is important to take the time to remove people that you feel are pessimistic, lower your self esteem or belittle you. It is also important to surround yourself with people who make you feel welcome at all times and comfortable. There is nothing worse than feeling left out or unheard within your friendship group. This can cause you to feel unwanted, making you speak less because you may feel your opinion isn’t valued.

Friends can be beneficial but can also be very destructive. It is important to set boundaries and stick by them; because there is a difference between pushing out of your comfort zone, and feeling completely uncomfortable. Do not ever compromise your morals or beliefs for the purpose of a “friendship”.

Indulge in Different Hobbies and Interests

Working in part time retail not only helps with your confidence but contributes to improving your communication. Working in retail means having to communicate with customers on a daily basis. This can help you to build your confidence when speaking to people; this also allows you to work on your approach. Maybe the first time you spoke to a customer you felt uncomfortable; as you continue to work you can try different technics that makes you feel comfortable. This may be by initiating conversation with both customers and colleagues; asking about their day and developing a positive relationship with colleagues and regular customers.

Also; involving yourself in different hobbies means being forced to talk to new people. It may sound like you are under a lot of pressure but it is not that bad. Joining a society or joining a hobby means you will be participating in something you enjoy; making you feel a little more comfortable and at ease. This gives you a chance to make friends and initiate conversation. Initiating conversation with people whilst participating in different hobbies is a little easier because you have similar interests; giving you a topic of discussion.


What you need to remember is that although it may seem difficult in the beginning; it gets easier overtime. Asking questions, pursuing your dreams and speaking your mind is the outcome of trying to increase your confidence. Once you learn to love and care about yourself more than the opinions of others it changes your mentality. Once you hold yourself to a certain standard; you start to think if I do this what is the worst that could happen. For me I choose to be confident because I know what I want and my actions are the only way I will achieve what I want.

I hope this post motivates you to live a confident life.

No matter what happens keep trying.

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Kisses Bea

Top 5 Places to Shop Online (For Women)

The majority of my shopping is done online; I find that shopping online makes it easy to compare different store prices as well as different options. Here are 5 online stores I shop from.

1. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing sell gorgeous outfits at cheap prices. The style of their clothes are authentic and flattering. The quality of their clothes is good and they are easy to get in touch with if you’re having any issues with delivery. If you pay £8 you can receive next day delivery for a year when you order, however; this is also a disadvantage because now you must pay £8 even if you don’t want next day delivery. So if you want to purchase from this site you must pay the £8 delivery for the year even if you’re not interested.

2. Rebellious Fashion

I personally like Rebellious Fashion because some of the items sold on their website isn’t sold anywhere else. If you are looking for something different and innovative and authentic I recommend Rebellious Fashion. Their website is easy to navigate and the items they sell are cheap. The only thing I don’t like about their website is that their clothes are modelled by Instagram models; so it’s difficult to have a good look at the front and the back of the outfit before purchasing. The size of their items are quite small so make sure you check their size guide before purchasing from them.

3. Nastygal

I personally haven’t purchased any of the clothes from Nastygal but from looking at their website some of their clothes are quite nice. I only shop at Nastygal for their shoes. The heels they sells are amazing; I love the heels they sell on their website, they have a wide range for such cheap prices.


ASOS clothes are quite nice, items I purchase from ASOS include jeans, tops and underwear. The quality of the clothes are very good and I personally think it’s worth the price. Prices vary depending on what you are looking for and ASOS marketplace is also available for lovers of vintage. Some of the pieces from ASOS marketplace are amazing and their prices are reasonable; I recommend having a look.

5. Boohoo

I used to regularly shop at boohoo in the past. Some of the items they sold were quite nice; however I feel that their clothes are not as nice as they used to be. Although I don’t shop there as much as I did in the past; there are some items on their website that are worth looking at. When shopping on this website I would recommend looking at all the pictures available for the item you want to purchase, as the image and the item itself may not be the same or the material may not look the same when it is delivered. Speaking from experience I only purchase certain items such from Boohoo because of this. Once you have looked at the items properly there shouldn’t be any issue when you receive your items.

To see some of the items I have purchased from these website make sure to follow me on Instagram. I have tagged the brand in my pictures.

I hope this post was helpful,

Have a lovely day

Kisses Bea

Holiday Outfit

Whilst in Barcelona there was a couple outfits that I wore that I loved. The first outfit is the one I wore to see the Arc de Triomf.

The skirt is from Rebellious fashion and the top I’m wearing is actually a dress. The dress I’m wearing is from boohoo, the shoes are Nike Air Forces and the bag is from bershka. The dress I got from boohoo I bought a while ago so I’m not sure if they still sell it. If I can’t find the exact items I will link something similar.

The second outfit the top is from rebellious fashion. The issue with this top is that it doesn’t stay in place so you’ll have to use tape to hold it into position. The flares are also from rebellious fashion.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B

Barcelona #3

Last day in Barcelona; my friends and I woke up early since we had to check out at 12. My friend and I got ready; checked out, left our luggage with the hotel then went to go get breakfast. We had planned to go sightseeing since it’s our last day and all of my other friends had already planned on going to the plug; so we all agreed that after a certain amount of time we would leave the plug and since we spend so much time there.

After chilling at the plug for a while we left and made our way to see the Arc De Triomf. We got a taxi and when we arrived we had a look around, took pictures then went to see La Sagrada Familia. Both location were soo beautiful and the weather being nice was a bonus.

After we left we went to get food. I had the Seafood Paella which was quite nice. Our flight wasn’t until 8 so we went back to the plug and chilled there for a while. We then went back to the hotel to get our luggage. I had to change my clothes since it was extremely cold in Brighton and I was wearing a skirt; so I quickly changed at the hotel, then we got a taxi to the airport and made our way back to Brighton.

I hope you enjoyed

Kisses B

Barcelona #2

I woke up late on the second day because I was so tired from last night; and because I woke up late I didn’t get to take pictures before I went out. When I woke up my friends were already dressed so I had to get ready so we could go out.

We went to get food but I didn’t want to eat unhealthy throughout my stay in Barcelona so I was trying to strategise my eating habits (unfortunately it didn’t work). A few of my friends and I went to Subway; and then went to the ATM to take money out.

We then went to the plug and chilled. We met up with other friends from Brighton and decided to go to the beach; but because we spent so much time at the plug by the time we got to the beach it was starting to get dark.

We went to a restaurant by the beach and had dinner. The service was good and the waiters were nice before choosing a restaurant two waiters from different restaurants were trying to persuade us to eat at their restaurant. We chose an Italian place order and ate. When the bill came we everyone put in the cost of their meal. We then realised that we were short. A friend of mine is Italian so she was speaking to our waiter. We then realised that we had been over charged. The waiter in the restaurant tried to charge some of my friends €8 for olives on their pizza. Once we realised this happened we told the waiter and he said he would remove the price but still wanted us to pay more than we should. The waiter originally said the bill is €160 but then said it is €168 and all of you have to pay an extra €2.

We paid the exact price (which was €160) and left the restaurant. We made our way back to our hotel and chilled until we were too tired to stay awake.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

Have a lovely day,

Kisses B

Barcelona #1

I went to Barcelona for 4 days with a group of my friends for one of their birthdays. Before going I had to prepare myself and look at what I’m going to pack before packing. I do this to make sure I don’t forget anything. I already packed everything a couple days before but I had to take my makeup out to use it so I ended up repacking everything the night before.

Our flight was at 3:20 so I left early and made my way to the coach station. I seen my friends in the Uber and realised I was going the wrong way and I had 10 minutes left to get to the coach station. I finally got to the coach station, met my friends and we made our way to the airport.

At the airport we got drinks, had Nando’s and boarded our plane. When we arrived we unpacked, looked at our rooms and went out. We went to this cafe and chilled; listened to music then we left and went to McDonalds.

We already decided that we were going clubbing so after we left McDonald’s we went back to our hotel. Luckily our hotel was on the strip so McDonald’s was right in front of our hotel.

Once we reached the hotel I showered got ready, chilled and then we left. The club cost €15 with a free drink. We went to a club called Catwalk and it was great; it’s different to what I see in London. There were small circle stages around the club and people were dancing on them. There’s was a stage at the front of the club and people were dancing on there as well. The club played some many different genres of music, everyone had such a great time it was amazing. My friends chose to chill after but I was so tired I knocked out as soon as I hit my bed.

I hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to like, comment and share.

Kisses B

Updated Skincare Routine

If you’ve read my blog from the beginning you know my skincare routine; but there’s a few things I’ve changed.

To moisturise I use Johnson Baby Lotion instead of Coconut Oil. Sometimes I change my moisturisers depending on the weather and the condition on my skin. For example during the summer I use Johnson Baby Lotion and during winter I use coconut oil because during the winter my skin can get a little dry. This is purely dependant I’m weather and condition of my skin.

I tend to use coconut oil more often for my skin and other things like my hair because it’s soo good especially if you have dry skin. It is important that you purchase organic coconut oil if you want to start using it and you’ll see the benefits overtime.

I try to do a Charcoal face peel off mask maybe once every two weeks. I don’t do it very often because I don’t have time but when I can I do. If I can’t do a face mask I do a nose strip. I don’t use face masks often because my skin is sensitive. I prefer to do an egg mask.


To create an egg mask you will need

– An egg (one should be enough)

– A makeup brush

– Two small cups

To begin you must separate the egg white and the yolk. After doing that apply the egg white to your face first using the makeup brush. If the egg white is fully dry your face should feel tight. After wash off the egg white and apply the egg yolk. When it drys wash it off and apply moisturiser.

There’s another type of egg mask you can do. The items you need are the same however tissue is included.

For this mask you crack the egg and mix it. Then you cut of a small piece of tissue and put it on your face. Then apply the egg on top of the tissue. When apply the egg the tissue will start to stick. Do this until your face is covered. Once the tissue is dry peel it off and wash your face. After washing your face apply moisturiser.

I take of my makeup with wipes before sleeping; then wash my face with Garnier Facial Scrub; and put on my spot removal cream in the morning. I won’t be able to link the cream because it’s from Nigeria but I honestly love it. I’be been using the same cream for years.

Honestly people don’t believe me when I say I drink a lot of water throughout the day. It honestly makes a difference. If you choose to not try it that’s your decision but you won’t reap the benefits.

I also use lemon and water. I cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon on my face. There’s so many benefits to this and the acidity help with things such as acne, dark spots and rashes. Drinking lemon water is also great for your skin as well.

This is what works best for me and my skin type so please do what works for you.

I want to create a skincare package with all the products I use as well as instructions on what to do with each product. My spot removal cream will be included in this package so stay tuned for more.

If I can’t find the original products I will link products that are similar.

I hope this helps you guys, don’t forget to like, comment and share.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B

Music Video Outfit

Hello guys, I know I haven’t been posting as much and I want to apologise. Uni work and different situations around me has kept me preoccupied. I will try and post as often as I can; and make sure to comment and let me know the type of content you would like to see.

If you read my previous post you’ll know that I was part of a music video and if you follow my social media it most likely that you seen my outfit.

I wore the Petite Lou halter neck plunge lace bodysuit from Boohoo. The only thing about this bodysuit is that it’s all lace so you can see through it; so be aware of this before purchasing. The snake print trousers I’m wearing are flared and they’re from ISawItFirst and the hoops I’m wearing are from Missguided. The fur jacket I’m wearing is from New Look.

I purchased the items for this outfit a while back so not everything is in stock but I will link items that look similar.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B

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