Outfit for a Night Out

I wore this outfit for my friends birthday party. What I love about Brighton is that anyone wears what they want; whereas in London at most events girls are expected to wear a dress and heels.

This two piece I’m wearing I got from boohoo. What’s great about boohoo is that most of their two pieces are sold together. whereas with other brand matching pieces are sold separately. A brand that sells all their two pieces together is Fashionova.

The top is a bandeau and the trousers are actually flares. I paired this outfit with my converse since they’re white. The watch I’m wearing is from Anne Klein; I’m not sure if they still sell it anymore since I got it a long time ago.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Kisses B



Working with OhDesire

If you follow me on Instagram; you will know that I have had the opportunity to work with a clothing brand called OhDesire. I became aware of the brand because they commented on my Instagram post asking me to send them a message if I was interested in working with them and promoting their clothing.

I sent them a message on Instagram responding to their comment and they told me everything I had to do. I had to purchase an item of clothing from them and post it on my Instagram promoting my discount code. Once I made a purchase I let them know by sending them a message, and after I made a purchase my discount code was created.

I wore the outfit to an event my friend was having; however, I did not have the opportunity to take good pictures so i took the picture in my bedroom. After I took the picture and posted it to my Instagram I did not hear anything from OhDesire. They told me that they would post my image on their Instagram but they didn’t. However; it may be because the picture I took is not similar/or as nice as most of my other pictures on my Instagram. I would like to work with them in the future because they are incredibly friendly, understanding and supportive; but we will see what the future holds. img_6783

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Have a lovely day,

Kisses B

My Top Five Christmas Movies

Since it is the season of festivities I thought it would be good to share my favourite Christmas movies. Some of these movies I assume that everyone has seen at least once in their life and other you may not know.

1. The Grinch

The Grinch is a movie that I believe that everyone has seen. It is such a good movie based on how Christmas spirit can change peoples attitude towards the season. If you haven’t seen it I recommend you watch it.

2. This Christmas

I love this movie. I originally watched it because Chris Brown plays the role of the son in the movie; but after watching it I loved it. It’s based on family; the difficult situations they face and how they all come together to spend the holidays together.

3. Elf

This is a movie I can’t get tired of; it’s a good movie to watch with the family and also friends. Based on a man who’s moved from the North Pole to the real world. It’s such a heartwarming movie and I recommend you give it a watch.

4. Love Actually

A movie based on taking chances and exposing secrets all in the name of love. The movie goes on to show relationships between different characters and how they cope with their problems.

5. The Polar Express

I believe that everyone has seen this movie at least once in their life. Such a nostalgic movie about children on a train on their way to the North Pole. Watching this movie brings back so many memories of what I was thinking, how I was feeling and where I was when I watched this movie. Honestly worth the watch.

Honourable mentions

– A Christmas Carol

– Jack Frost

– Home Alone (All movies)

– Mickeys Once Upon A Christmas

– The Preachers Wife

– The Snowman

If there’s any movies that I I felt I should have included comment and let me know. Let me know what type of content you would like to see next.

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Kisses B

Steps you take to start working with brands on Instagram

There’s different ways of making money on Instagram, however, I want to work with other brands and also make money. Here’s a few steps I’ve discovered along the way.

1. Choose a theme

It’s important to know kind of attention you’re looking for. Posting images based on your lifestyle, food, travel or makeup is good because when people see it; it gives a distinct idea of what you do.

2. Post regularly

Posting Instagram pictures every two days may seem like too much; but by doing this it increases your followers and also your recognition. I sometimes don’t post everyday or ever so often but when I have good pictures I try too.

3. Using clear images

When posting it’s important to use images that are clear. When taking a selfie try using natural and taking more pictures outdoors. You can also post pictures that you’ve seen that you like.

4. Using Hashtags

May people won’t use hashtags because they think it looks stupid, but it’s the best way to draw an audience to your Instagram. It’s important to use hashtags based on what your image is about. For example if it’s travel use hashtags like #lovetotravel #travel #holiday. This draws more attention to your Instagram.

5. Collaborating

When doing this a few companies on Instagram will get in contact with you or comment on your picture asking you to collaborate with them. It is important to identify who your want to represent. Most of these brands with ask you to collaborate with them and ask you to buy their products. In the beginning I think it is a good ideas to do this because it lets other people know you’re willing to collaborate.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B

All time favourites

A list of my favourite shows, some of these shows are old and some are new. I think out of the list at least one of the shows you should have seen before.

1. Game of Thrones

This show is my absolute favourite. Honestly the story line is very good; I enjoy it because unlike most shows, games of thrones gives an unexpected ending/plot twist to the story. Considering the fact that the protagonist in most shows live long purely because they’re the protagonist; game of thrones can kills of characters that you would not expected. If you have seen in and you’re interested in shows with action I definitely recommend it.

2. Desperate Housewives

This show is about four women living in the suburbs and what goes on behind closed doors. This shows allows you to envision the lengths people will go to in order to save themselves whilst depicting what people are going through behind closed dooors.

3. Topboy

This show is about young people living in London, selling drugs to get by. This show is an eye opener; allowing you to see what certain individuals would do to make money. This show is not based on a true story, however; it takes a look at the life of a drug dealer. Each episode is intense and filled with different types of dilemmas. My only issue with this show is that there are two seasons and each season only has four episodes; other than that, I definitely recommend it.

4. American Horror Story

I just started this shows and I honestly love it. I’m currently on season two which is called asylum. I enjoy watching the show because it’s honestly so messed up that it’s interesting. Each season is not the same, they use the same actors and give them different characters. If you are into thriller I would recommend this. I’ve taken a break from watching it because I think it’s so stranger but it’s quite good.

Give these shows a watch and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to like and comment.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B

Halloween Costume

Since my recent posts have been informative I wanted to show you guys my Halloween. My original idea was to go as Lara Croft but I didn’t think I would right because I wanted everything done a certain way.

I then decided I wanted to go as a playboy bunny but I do not have the confidence to wear just the corset as it would make me feel extremely uncomfortable. I already bought the ears and decided to go as a bunny.

I got the dress from pretty little thing and the necklace is from select. The bunny ears I bought from eBay and the fur jacket I got from Newlook. I just wore my white converse because it just went with it

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Have a lovely day my loves

Kisses B

How to improve time management and productivity

As a student it is soo important to know how to manage you time. By managing your time effectively not only will you become more productive; you will live a life that is fulfilling.

It goes without saying, but procrastination is one of the main reason people aren’t as productive as they should be. Although it is hard you must try to get things done on time.

One thing that really helps me is planning my day and including compulsory tasks such as work, lecturers and seminars. Writing or setting simple tasks for different times of the day honestly helps with productivity. When doing this it is important to be realistic and train yourself out of procrastination. It’s easy to read this and be inspired to be productive; however, it is important to set your schedule according to your behaviour. For example if you know you will procrastinate, set yourself a target to study for 1 hour and give yourself a 20 minute break in between. By doing this you can check your phone, get a snack or watch videos in between with deceiving yourself by setting target you know you won’t complete.

When planning your day make sure to include social activities like maybe going out, chilling on your phone, making phones, chilling with friends and etc. This way you will be able to look back and see what you have accomplished throughout the day. Doing this may also give you time to plan for the future by looking into different areas you may want to go into and what your interests are.

It is important to tackle small tasks, like making your bed in the morning. You will eventually get used to doing this and then tackling bigger tasks will not be an issues.

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Kisses B

Summer outfit

I wore this dress when I was in Nigeria bad when I came back to Brighton. I love this dress I’m just looking for the right opportunity to wear it again since it is getting quite cold.

The dress is from misguided and in the first picture I paired the dress off with Fila Dusruptors and a denim jacket. The denim jacket I wore is from ASOS. I added my Sekonda watch and necklace so the look wasn’t so plain. To finish the look I wore my glasses as they’re from Specsavers.

In the second picture I was in Nigeria so it was too hot to wear jackets and shoes; so I paired the dress off with some pink fluffy sliders which are from Primark. My Sunglasses are from misguided also and the bracelet I’m not sure where it’s from but I will try and find out. Some of the item I can’t find online but I will try find similar replacements.

Have a lovely day

Kisses B

5 tips that help make PMS easier

PMS for me is soo painful; sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t do anything or go anywhere. If you have periods like mine; there’s a few things I’ve learned along the way that makes it easier.

1. Keep track of dates in your calendar

Keeping track of the days you’re going to have your period helps because your period doesn’t come unexpected. Knowing when your period is come makes it easy to plan and prepare yourself around that time. If you’re going out to events or have plans; knowing when your period is coming makes it easy for you to decide whether you want to go and also gives you the opportunity to figure out how you’re going to go about it. If your period is as bad as mine having a calendar means you can also take some sort of medication at the start of the day so the pain isn’t that bad.

2. Figure out what sort of medication works for you

For me Nurofen Plus, Panadol Period Pain and Feminax Express work best. I feel that these are the most effective and these tablets also work very fast. I recommend speaking to your doctor about what is best for you before taking these.

3. Drinking water

For some reason drinking water helps to ease the pain. I generally drink a lot of water on a daily basis so I try to stay on top of that when I’m on my period because I tend to snack a lot more. If you snack a lot it’s a good idea to maybe have water with all your meals and have a glass of water whenever you can.

4. Stay clean

It goes without saying to change pads and tampons to stay hygienic and to prevent odour. If you have a stain on your trousers or underwear; scrub it under cold water without soap and then put it in the wash to completely remove the stain. I also always make sure to have an emergency tampon/pad in all of my bags just in case you need extra or maybe a friend may need one.

5. Tips for outside

Before going out change your pad/tampon because there may not be a bathroom. It is also good to wear your pad further forward when going out or during the day and at night wear it further backwards. This is to prevent stains.

I hope this helps you guys out, have a lovely Sunday,

Kisses B

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